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Prisoners seeking Companionship through Pen Pal Site


Looking for Pen Pals - View Profiles on Penacon.com

With sites like Penacon.com prisoners are given the hope of finding a connection.

I’ve been in for quite some time now, 10 years to be exact, and it has been so lonely. My heart aches to care again, and I long to know that someone cares for me.”
— Incarcerated in WA

NORTH DIGHTON, MA, USA, December 13, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Prison is a harsh experience, especially during the Holidays. Prisoners are separated from their families and friends and looking for communication from those on the outside. Many feel so alone and are desperate for correspondence with anyone willing to write.

Penacon.com is a prisoner pen pal website which was taken over by Freebird Publishers. Freebird Publishers is the leading provider for Publishing and other inmate services. They’re the publishers of America’s Largest Publication for Prisoners, Inmate Shopper. Freebird Publishers has been making upgrades to their site, Penacon.com and helping further the chances of their members in finding companionship through mail.

Freebird Publishers urge you to take the time to view the members on their site, Penacon.com, and consider becoming a pen pal. Just a simple letter can mean the world to a lonely prisoner. Browse a full listing of their members on Penacon.com.

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Freebird Publishers
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